A history of surrealism, surreal art, and the artists involved in the surrealist art movement. A definitive history of the surrealist movement.

Name: Francis Picabia
Year of Birth & Death: (1879 - 1953)
Biography: He was born in Paris and he studied there, while his Spanish-born father was an attache ath the Cuban legation. Picabia met Pissarro in 1898, after working in Cormon’s studio at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Pissarro’s influence led Picabia to begin his impressionist period. A book was written about him in 1908, by Edouard Andre, entitled Picabia, le peintre et l’aquafortiste. In 1909, he married Gabrielle Buffet, and in 1912, he began his "orphic" period. He had an exhibition at Alfred Stieglitz’s gallery in New York in 1913, and then took part in the beginnings of the Dada movement in Paris, during his mechanist period. This period ran from 1918 to 1921, and included such works as Child carburettor (1917) and the Amorous Parade (1917). He published several collections of poems, including Rateliers platoniques (1918) and Poesie ron-ron (1919). He lived near Cannes from 1925 to 1935, and followed his "monster" period with Transparencies. He painted nudes during his "narrative" period, which lasted between 1939 and 1943. After the war, he exhibited his "sur-irrealist" art at the Galerie Denise Rene, and in 1949, he held a big retrospective show was held at the Galerie Rene Drouin, entitled "Cinquante ans de plaisir."

Art Name: A little solitude amidst the suns (A picture painted to tell not to prove)
Date Created: 1919
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Collection: Private Collection

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